Bridal Mangalsutra Ideas for Traditional Brides

Diamond Mangalsutra

This diamond and gold mangalsutra adheres to the fundamentals while enhancing the overall design .

Gleaming Diamond Mangalsutra

The cluster of Marquise-cut diamonds is truly breathtaking.

Mangalsutra Solitaire

The traditional diamond bridal mangalsutra design won't be out of style anytime soon

Diamond and Gold Mangalsutra

This mangalsutra is one of those styles that never go out of style.

Mangalsutra with a heart shape design

The mangalsutra's heart form symbolizes your deepest devotion to your spouse.

Pink Stone Mangalsutra

This bridal mangalsutra design unquestionably commands attention.

Mangalsutra with Gold Coins

The goddess Lakshi is imprinted on the gold coins to bring wealth to the wedding.

Mangalsutra in floral gold design

Mangalsutas with floral motifs are always a good choice.

Name Design Mangalsutra

A customized mangalsutra bearing the name of your future husband is the epitome of intimacy and personalization.