Creative Ideas for Organizing the Perfect Picnic

Pick a Good Location

Find a location that is lovely, lush, grassy, and has lots of natural shade.

Pack Sensibly

Although attractive, wicker baskets aren't always the best choice.

Don't forget to give your food a place to rest.

Choose the Proper Blanket

Select a blanket that will offer adequate padding but can also be machine-washed in the event that grass stains (or food spills!) occur.

Throw pillows in a bag

Bring some pillows with you to make some cosy and comfortable seating alternatives.

Use Mason jars to transport food

For a convenient and spill-proof country-style serving alternative, pack your salads, sides, and condiments in closed Mason jars.

 Chopping Board

Once you get to your destination, slice, dice, and portion out your picnic foods using a tiny, portable cutting board.

Prepare Delicacies in Jars.

There are several simple no-bake options and they are simple to pack! See some of our favourite recipes for sweets in jars.