Different Types of Wedding Held In India

Hindu Marriages

Hindu Wedding is popular among all weddings in India.The ceremony will also take place in the homes of the grooms.

Bengali Wedding

Malayali Wedding

Malayali weddings are brief affairs, and the celebration is over quickly. The marriage ceremony known as "Velli," is held in the mornings for Malayali weddings.

Assamese Marriage

Assamese weddings follow a bathing tradition when the mothers of the bride and groom go to a nearby river to collect holy water for the bath. Before the marriage ceremony and the feast or reception portion of an Assamese wedding is held.

Buddhist Marriage

 In a Buddhist wedding, there aren't any set laws and procedures that must be observed.

Jain Marriages

The three main pre-wedding rituals, Lagana Lekhan, Lagna Patrika, and Sagai, are the focal points of Jain marriage ceremony Additionally, two of the most renowned and significant rites of a Jain wedding are Pheras and KanyaDaan.

Kannada Wedding

The bride is taken by her sisters to be seated at the mandap during the auspicious hour of the marriage ceremony and a  fan made of peacock feathers is used to shade the bride's face.

Gujarati Wedding

Christian Wedding

Kashmiri Marriage

Palm Leaf

Parsi Marriage

Sikh Marriage

Maharashtrian Wedding

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