Here Is The Summary About Indian Muslim Wedding Food

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Roasted Chicken

Among your guests, this succulent, mouthwatering treat will quickly become a favourite.

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Seekh Kababs

Lamb flesh minced in Seekh Kababs (mutton).cooked in a tandoor or on a hot Tawa..

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Bheja Fry

The Hindi word for the brain is the Bheja. It is a flavorful dish in which the animal's brain is removed and fried with herbs and spices.

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Boti Kabab

The entire muscle flesh is extensively marinated before being baked or cooked over a grill.

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Murgh Mughlai

It is a chicken dish that comes from the Mughals, as the name would imply.

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Lamb Rogan Josh

Another lamb dish, indeed! This hot Kashmiri treat is now well-liked across the nation.

Nalli Nihari

This is an additional mutton curry type. The Arabic word "Nahar," which means "day," is where the word "Nihar" comes from.

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Shahi Mutton Biryani

For those unfortunate enough to not be familiar with biryani:


To experience the unusual flavour of saffron, rice is sweetened and added to create a delicious meal known as zarda

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Sheer Korma

A delicious milk-based vermicelli pudding flavoured with upscale ingredients like saffron, rose water, dried dates, etc