Holi Party Ideas

Holi Decorations

Create a festive atmosphere in your home by decorating it with Rangoli drawings and fabric paintings of natural themes.

Buy the colours and pichkaris

We promise that there will be at least a dozen shops selling local colours, pichkaris, and water cannons if you visit a local market.

Arrange the Holi colours

Source: iStock  The arrangement of colours has a significant role in the aesthetic of the celebration. rather than keeping them in their original packaging.

Make Flower Bowls

  Add flowers from your neighbourhood market to the top once they are completely submerged in water to make a floating flower arrangement.

Place Potted Plants and Fairy Lights.

Holi is a daytime event, but there's always place for fairy lights à la Pinterest.

Prepare Food and Beverages.

A gathering wouldn't be complete without food and beverages. It's wise to stick with the basics when coming up with last-minute Holi ideas.

Put Balloons and Flowers up.

The same holds true for decorations made of balloons. All you need is a little bit of time and patience.


Turn on the sprinklers if it's warm enough for a "rain dance" celebration. For us, "Balam Pichkari" is the ideal song at this time.