How to choose the Perfect Wedding Menu?


Tip 1

Before choosing the appetisers and main courses for your wedding dinner menu, be sure you are aware of your budgetary constraints.

Number of Guests

Tip 2

Your wedding food selection will be influenced by your guest list size in addition to your budget. More guests imply there will be more people to feed. Spending less per dish is one way to make a little extra money.

Food Presentation

Tip 3

What foods appear on the perfect wedding menu will depend in part on the caterer service style you select. If you decide to go with cocktail-style catering, you can serve foods like sliders, veggie skewers, and crostini.

Speak with   your caterer

Tip 4

They'll be knowledgeable about current wedding cuisine trends and have dozens of dishes to recommend for your menu. They could be able to minimize the price of your plates by suggesting budget-friendly alternatives like food station ideas.

Friends, Kids, and Elders

Many of my friends don't mind eating Indian food, but I'm confident that they would prefer a varied, interesting menu to merely eating Indian food all weekend.

Keep drinks in Mind

Tip 6

Seasonal foods

Tip 7

Include some seasonal foods or entrees if you're sticking with a seasonal theme. Think about seasonal foods like fruits, vegetables, soups, and salads that can be used as the foundation for a variety of cuisine and sides.

Choose your preferred cuisine

Tip 8

You have the right, as the host, to include the cuisines of your choosing on the perfect wedding menu while also considering the preferences of the guests