How to organize a special and surprise movie night at home for your spouse?

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Decorate with movie-related elements.

Your home will feel more like a romantic retreat with themed décor. You can choose décor to make it appear as though your home is a theatre, or you can design your space around the movie you're currently viewing


Bring extra Blankets and Pillows

Set out all of your coziest blankets and pillows since you want your spouse to feel completely at ease while they are on your movie date at home


Meal for  Romantic Movie

The evening is brought together by a dinner inspired by the film you are seeing. If you don't feel like cooking, you can plan a prepared dinner or place an order


Pop some witty popcorn.

Every date movie night needs popcorn, but you don't have to stick to the same old butter and salt toppings. Give your date a few options to make the popcorn a little fancier by being inventive.

To view the movie on a larger screen, aim the projector at an empty wall or the ceiling. All you have to do is turn on whatever you're using to watch the movie and plug in the projector.

For surrounding sound Set up speakers

Light Candles while watching the film.

To create a romantic atmosphere on hour romantic movie date, turn off the remaining lights. Place your candles in various locations across your room to prevent seeing their reflections as you watch a movie.

Make the movie night at home a participatory event. To play a game of bingo, mark out a square whenever a certain event occurs in the film. You might also research facts about the movie and quiz your date on it.

While viewing the movie, play a games