Simple and Easy Recipes For Republic Day

Every Indian celebrates Republic Day with joy, and we are now more patriotic than ever. Those that attend the assembly for flag hoisting early in the morning.

Tiranga Drink

Following the cool drinks, let's look at some vegetarian foods that one might prepare on this Republic Day.

Tiranga Sandwich

Tiranga sandwiches feature three layers of filling and are an Indian-style, nationalist lunch option.

Tiranga Rice

The flag of our nation is shown in spectacular style in tiranga rice. Carrots are one of the ingredients used in its preparation.

Bombay Veg Sandwich

For those in need of a quick and easy cheese meal, there is the Bombay veg sandwich.

Buttercream-frosted cupcakes with the Indian tricolour

Chicken Alfredo Open Toast

The delicious and satiating chicken alfredo open toast is made by layering chicken and alfredo sauce on bread.

Veg Bread Pizza

Veg Bread Pizza is a fantastic option for you if you don't have time to produce the pizza dough and want to quickly prepare some delicious cuisine.