Unique Ideas For Celebrating Your First Holi After Marriage

Get Creative with Holi Decorations

First things first, deck up your home,  Decorating your home or any other venue where you plan to celebrate is a great way to start the festivities!

Prepare Traditional Snacks & Drinks

Nothing adds more flavour than homemade delicacies during festivals like Holi!

Host a Colorful BBQ

Nothing says “Holi” like grilling up some delicious food outdoors!

Go Shopping Together

After marriage couples tend to neglect shopping trips due to work commitments so why not use Holi as an excuse .

Play Fun Games & Activities

If possible, try incorporating traditional Indian Games like kite flying into these gatherings as well.

Prepare A Holi Dance Performance

If you’re feeling extra creative then why not prepare a holi dance performance?

Exchange Gifts with Loved ones

Surprise each other by exchanging thoughtful gifts such as holi colours/sweets/clothes etc. which will show how much they mean to you both!

Play With Colours

No holi celebration is complete without smearing each other’s faces with bright hues like pink yellow green orange etc.