Types of wedding held in India

Hindu Marriages

Mehndi next will be shaadi, ( marriage ceremony ), where the groom and bride tie knots andbecome Hamsafar".Hindu Wedding is popular among all weddings in India.

Bengali Wedding

Bengali weddings, which are renowned for their fervour and pompous celebration, aren't complete without the "Saat Paak," in which the bride wraps betel leaves around the groom seven times while hiding her face

Malayali Wedding 

Malayali weddings are brief affairs, and the celebration is over quickly. The marriage ceremony known as "Velli," is held in the mornings for Malayali weddings.

Assamese  Marriage

 Buddhist Marriage

In a Buddhist wedding, there aren't any set laws and procedures that must be observed. The marriages take place in a Buddhist temple that is authorised as a marriage ceremony location

Jain Marriages

The three main pre-wedding rituals, Lagana Lekhan, Lagna Patrika, and Sagai, are the focal points of Jain marriage ceremony

Gujarati Wedding

The pair circle the sacred fire four times during Mangal Pheras, representing "Dharma," "Artha," "Kama," and "Moksha" respectively; you can see a little bit of difference in the Gujarati marriage ceremony and other Hindu weddings in India.

Christian Wedding