Wedding Planning: The Before, During, and After

Before the Wedding

Are you feeling overburdened by the wedding preparation process?

Bridal Shower

The majority of brides choose to host their bridal shower one to three months prior to the wedding.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Most people spend years planning their bachelor or bachelorette party in their dreams.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding your wedding gown may be one of the most time-consuming and significant aspects of your wedding day.

During the Wedding

Even though your wedding day may seem far off, this is undoubtedly the most crucial step in wedding planning.


the significance of the wedding ceremony itself, which is the main reason for holding the event.


Planning the transition from the ceremony to the reception is crucial.

After the Wedding


Here are some of the most undervalued honeymoon locations to consider if you have no idea where you might want to go.

Living Situation

If you two haven't already moved in together, this phase will take a lot longer.


Organizing your funds is the last and, probably, most crucial step in your post-wedding planning process.