Funny and Interesting Indian Wedding Ritual Games

Playful Ceremony of Nose-Pulling

Although the Gujarati tribe refers to it as the Ponkvu or Ponkhana ceremony, the age-old custom may make any wedding more enjoyable.

Rip the Groom's Attire off

This wedding ritual game, which must be played exclusively with the groom, is at its most amusing.

Game of Rings

The majority of Indian civilizations still practise the ancient ritual of fishing for the rings.

Filling up the Lap

This wedding tradition game, called Godh Paari, is a good way to welcome the bride into the family and give her a few laughs.

Are you Willing to Commit?

The groom must pretend to be uninterested in the marriage and to be departing for the Himalayas as part of the traditional Tamil wedding rite.

The Game of Wedding Shoes

A game that is played all over the world has recently gained popularity in India.

Rasam of Joota Chupai

Of course, we can't forget about the most well-known wedding custom game. joota chupai.

Find the Name

Who is it?

Indians invite all of their close friends and family, but they also include their distant relatives.

Game of Entry

Cut the Ties or Intangle the Knots

Final words