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Go on a Food Tour

This risky idea for a 21st birthday party is to go on a culinary tour of your city while you learn about it and fill your stomach. As you learn about the area's history and look at your city from a different angle, you'll probably find some well-kept secrets and popular meeting spots as you walk around the streets.

No. 1

Celebrate With Brunch

Brunch is the best because it combines sweet and savoury foods to make a feast of tasty bites to eat. For a low-key 21st birthday party, you can host a brunch with a variety of your favourite foods or make a reservation at the restaurant you go to the most.

No. 2

Go to a Dinner Theater Show

There are dinner shows with every kind of theme you can think of, from murder mysteries to tournaments in the Middle Ages. For this idea for a 21st birthday party, everyone should dress up as their favourite character and either try to solve the riddles or cheer for their chosen knight throughout the night. 

No. 3

Go on a Wine Tasting

Now that you are 21, you should spend some time learning how to taste and sip wine, whether you want to focus on local or international varieties. This fun and classy idea for a 21st birthday party take place in a nearby vineyard, where guests can learn about the subtle tastes of different kinds of wine.

No. 4

Have a Fondue Night

This is an old-school idea for a 21st birthday party, so gather your friends and some fondue forks for a night of oozing cheese and/or melting chocolate with lots of bread, fruits, veggies, and desserts. If you like the vibe of the 1960s, go all out and make the theme of the party something from that time.

No. 5