What to do when it Rains at a Wedding

Make original décor ideas

Talk to your vendor because flowers will be important. In order to stay within your budget, request arrangements with lots of greenery.

Be Original in Your Photography

Consult your photographer for ideas on setups, such as umbrella photos.

Make Your Hair and Makeup Rainproof

Make sure to inform your hair and makeup artist about the bad weather so they can get ready to weatherproof your appearance.

Reconsider Your Drinks

Provide hot beverages, such as a wedding coffee bar, to make visitors feel cosy if rain is bringing cooler weather.

Embrace towels

Towels should be provided, either at the front desk or in the restrooms, so that any visitors who are caught in the rain can rapidly dry off.

Shoe Weatherproofing

Even if there is only a chance of drizzle, it is still worth fiddling with your shoes to prevent slipping as you move around the ceremony.

Make your wedding coat water-resistant.

If you want to show off your dress while staying dry if it's going to rain on your wedding day, pick a see-through weatherproof.

Think of visitor umbrellas

Including wedding umbrellas for the guests is a lovely gesture if you know it will rain on your wedding.