Anklet Designs For The Wedding

Thick Brush Stroke

Baraat Payal design

The bride who wishes to bring the baraat along will love this unusual payal design!

Heavy Payal design

A strong payal pattern is perfect for individuals who want to fully commit to the classic style.

Pearl Payal design

The pearl payal design is an excellent option if you want to radiate a sense of serene elegance and delicate beauty.

Layered Payal design

Layered chain work over the ankles, in a straightforward and beautiful style.

Kundan Payal design

Jewelry made using the Kundan technique is decorated with diamonds or priceless stones set in raised gold moulds.

Diamond Payal design

If money is no object and you want to project richness, the diamond payal design.

Foral Payal design

Improve your lovely anklets with flowers! It's one mouth-watering masterpiece because to the 3-D blooms, tiny ghunghroos, and lovely pearls!

Palki Payal design

In this declaration, Payal celebrates wedding accoutrements with elephants, palanquins, brides, and grooms as motif.