Bangles Designs 

Gold Bangles

There is no fashion dilemma that a few bangles covered in gold can't fix.

Oxidised Bangles

New bangle designs come in an endless variety of forms when it comes to oxidised jewellery.

Silk Bangles

Because silk is such a luxurious fabric, it can make anything, from sarees to bangles.

Diamond Bangles

Really, there are no restrictions on what women may accomplish with diamonds. They are a woman's best friend, after all!

Stone Bangles

The delicate softness of these lovely handcrafted thread bangles is very typical of Indian women!

Ruby Bangles

Ruby red is a word that you've probably heard. Ruby's trademark colour is flushing.

Silver Bangles

We must admit that we have a slight preference for the endearing silver bangles. Why not, then?

Stone Bangles

Colorful stones set against a gold, silver, or non-precious metal basis give bangles a little extra oomph.

Pearl Bangles

Placing a set of pearl bangles on your wrist is the most elegant approach to get a refined look.