Ideas for Wedding Finger Foods

Caprese Cups

These Caprese cups make the ideal savoury cocktail hour appetiser if you and your partner intend to serve your guests Italian cuisine.


Consider offering bruschetta as a quick and simple starter during cocktail hour.


Everything you enjoy about hamburgers and sandwiches is combined into one bite with a slider.

Mini Tacos

Any occasion will be remembered for its tiny tacos. What more could you want than something that is delicious and adorable?

Veggie Roll-ups

When served in between heavier options, your guests will enjoy popping these zucchini roll-ups into their mouths.


Speak with your caterer about including meatballs into your celebration for a quick and affordable solution.

French Fries

This well-liked appetiser provides visitors with a flavorful nibble that is satisfying and tasty.

Grilled Cheese Bites

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a favourite because of the crunchy bread and gooey cheese inside.

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls that have been stuffed with vegetables are a fantastic vegetarian option for cocktail hour because they are easy to take and go.