Rituals of Wedding in India 

Indian Wedding Traditions

Even today, many young couples still follow these traditions. Many families choose to get married in their hometowns. The team plans the wedding months before the big day and invites friends and relatives to attend.

Indian Wedding Reception

the bride wears her traditional white sari, while the groom wears his best suit. After the ceremony, the guests dance and celebrate with food and drinks.

Indian Wedding Food

Traditional Indian food includes vegetarian meals like kheema (minced meat), makhani (creamy buttermilk), curry, and biryani (rice dish). Other foods include roti (flatbread), paratha (a flatbread stuffed with potatoes or vegetables), samosa (savoury pastry filled with potato or peas), and channa masala (chickpeas cooked with spices).

Indian Wedding Gifts

Many people give small gifts to the bride and groom at the wedding. These gifts are given after the ceremony and consist of sweets, jewellery, and clothes.

Greeting the Bride

In India, the groom greets his bride at the door of her house with folded hands. He then takes her hand and walks around the courtyard three times while saying “Namaste”

When the couple enters their home, they remove their shoes. This is done to ensure that no evil spirits enter the house.Taking Off Shoes

Cutting the Wedding Cake

After the wedding cake is cut, everyone eats some of the cake. This is symbolic of sharing the joy of the wedding day with those who could not attend.

Washing Hands

Before eating any food, guests wash their hands. This is done to cleanse themselves and to show that they have no ill intentions toward anyone else