These Delicious Halwas will Sweeten your Winter

Winter is all about Sweetweats

The most sumptuous way to put on weight during the winter is to eat delicious foods that have been prepared with milk and desi ghee.

Karachi Halwa

It is a chewy dish made with maize flour, ghee, water, sugar, and nuts like almonds.

Gond Halwa

Black Carrot Halwa

Aloe Vera Halwa

This dessert, also known as ghee go war Halwa, is made with aloe vera pulp extract, milk, cashew, almond, pistachio, sugar, sprouted wheat, and dried herbs.

Habshi Halwa

Javitri, Jaiphal, and Salam Panja are among the winter-healthy herbs used in this delicacy, which also contains cloves, milk, and sugar.

Sohan Halwa