These Summer Wedding Tips Will Keep Your Guests Cool

outside and inside wedding location

There are many factors to take into account when selecting a wedding location, and if your wedding is taking place in the summer, remember the heat!

Utilize a lot of shade

It's a terrific idea to hold your ceremony somewhere that has trees for shade to keep your guests cool and comfortable.

Offer sunscreen

On the day of your wedding, be careful not to be burned! Use sunscreen, and have some available for your visitors to use as well.

AC and fan rentals

To keep guests cool and comfortable, welcome them with misting fans as they arrive. Whether your wedding will be outside or in a tent.

Select cozy, padded reception seats.

While outdoor weddings can be romantic, they can also be uncomfortable for you and your guests in a hot climate.

A excellent summertime wedding schedule

Check the weather prediction to find out when the weather will be the hottest where you intend to travel as well as when the sun will be shining the brightest.

Summer cocktail inspiration

The fact that your wedding is taking place in the summer doesn't exclude you from having a nice cocktail hour outside.

Summery light appetisers for receptions

No one likes a spicy appetiser when they already feel heated! A fresh and original twist on classic appetisers will keep your visitors cool.

Set up a tent

Guests can use little pop-up tents with lounge furniture below and lovely umbrellas to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors.