Valentine's Week 7 Day List: Celebrate

Valentine's Week begins on February 14 even though Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14.

This 7-day list of Valentine's Day activities is for you if you want to make a significant and sentimental gesture this year.

February 7 - Rose Day

On this day, people exchange roses as a sign of their affection. A yellow rose represents friendship, whereas a crimson rose represents love.

February 8 - Propose Day

As the name implies, on this day, people declare their love for a spouse or a crush.

February 9 - Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is observed on February 9. Give yourself and your significant other or potential love interest a box of chocolates.

February 10- Teddy Day

On day four Teddy bear day falls during Valentine's Week. Give a charming bear to a loved one as a token of your affection and to brighten their day.

February 11- Promise Day

People make promises to strengthen their connections on Promise Day. Today is all about committing.

February 12- Hug Day

A hug might help when words are unable to adequately express an emotion.

February 13- Kiss Day

Just one day before Valentine's Day is celebrated as Kiss Day, encouraging couples to declare their love in a passionate kiss.

February 14- Valentine's  Day

Finally, the couple arranges a special date, gives each other gifts they will never forget, goes out to lunch or dinner, and spends quality time together.