Eco-Friendly Wedding gifts for Bride and Groom


Indoor Plants

The pair would be able to witness their love blossom as their new plant grows. This planter is manufactured from North American-sourced organic cotton canvas and has the option of a turned top cuff.

Give your favourite newlyweds two towel sets from An Act as a surprise! Each towel in the towel set is composed of hemp and organic cotton and comes with a wash towel, hand towel, and bath towel.

Towels made up of Hemp and Cotton

Coasters made from Eco-friendly cork

One of the most exquisite eco-friendly gifts on the market today. Handmade from renewable cork, this set of four natural cork coasters.

Prepare your fabric

couple who cares about the environment would be paperless towels. All of those paper items may be swapped out for them, cutting down on home waste and helping the environment! Handmade with polyester thread, these towel

Paperless Paper towels

Wooden serving board

For increased longevity, this board is handcrafted from premium wood. It contains two white ceramic bowls that are removable and may be used either individually or inside the board to add two more compartments

The "Mr. & Mrs." Personalised candles in a gift box are an amazing wedding gift. The family name of the pair and the wedding date can be added to personalise it.

Personalized Mr And Mrs Candles

Custom WaterColor Painting

Wooden Ring Holder

This beautifully glossy, chemical-free wooden ring holder is handcrafted from select-grade oak wood and treated with mineral oil and all-natural beeswax

Organic Vegetable Seeds Kit

For couples who appreciate growing their food, a kit of organic vegetable seeds makes a wonderful present. A variety of seeds, hand tools, and information on organic gardening will all be included in the box.