Thick Brush Stroke

Maang Tikka Designs For Bride

Chaand Tikka

This timeless style has long been a favourite among many people.


This gorgeous maang tikka is a sphere that has been meenakari-crafted with gems and diamonds. It is a customary accessory in the Marwari community.

Stone and Diamond Maang Tikka

This stylish, opulent maang tikka brings diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones.

Crescent Maang Tikka

This maang tikka, which is the ideal crescent, is exquisitely simple with kundan or stone work and set in a golden half-moon.

Single String Maang Tikka

A single strand of the highly fashionable matha patti drapes down from the ajna chakra.

Double String Maang Tikka

This double-strand, which is a little more lavish than the single-strand and sits across the bride's brow, appears regal with its pearl and stone adornment.

Multiple String Maang Tikka

There is no doubting the popularity of this multi-strand maatha patti among brides.

Gold Maang Tikka

This pendant maang tikka is made entirely of pure gold and is classic and exquisite.

Elaborate Maatha Patti

This gorgeous, thick matha patti with detailed craftsmanship will catch everyone's attention and be the ideal compliment to a strong independent personality.